Your First Brazilian or Bikini Wax

Have you always been curious about getting a Brazilian or bikini wax, but were too afraid to try? Here's my expert advice...

1️⃣ The first is the worst, and then it gets easier.
When you first wax, the hair root is super thick. It will be mad at you for wanting to wax it away. You can manage pain the first time by popping an Advil or other Ibruprofen 45 minutes before your wax. 

2️⃣ Yes. You get completely undressed. If you want all the hair removed. Then I need all your clothing from waist down removed. Don't worry, I keep it super safe and professional when it comes to your lady business.

3️⃣ It lasts super long, but only after your third wax. Hair grows on a cycle and has to get used to your waxing it. So, expect the hair to grow back faster the first few waxes and then slowing down re-growth after your third wax. 

4️⃣ Consistency is key. Schedule your wax every 3-5 weeks for the smoothest results. 

5️⃣ All waxes are not equal. Hard wax is the gentlest for waxing the bikini area. This means the wax shrink wraps the hair as opposed to sticking to and removing skin. Ouch. 

6️⃣ Go to a Brazilian or bikini wax expert. Most licensed Estheticians are skilled at waxing. However, it never hurts to do your research for a great Brazilian/bikini wax specialist.

7️⃣ Relax. Being nervous or tensing up during your wax only makes the experience worse. Practice deep breathing during the wax. Don't be afraid to let your wax specialist know that you need a moment between pulls. They don't mind. *

8️⃣ After care is super important! Post-wax irritation, like ingrown hairs and bumps, can be avoided if you practice good post-wax skin care. Make sure to avoid hot water, excessive perspiration (exercise and sex), exfoliating, and fragrant products for at least the next 24 hours.

Use products like aloe to calm and soothe, tea tree oil to kill bacteria in the pore, jojoba oil to hydrate, and a sugar scrub to exfoliate the skin. All of these methods are best to prevent/treat ingrown hairs, bumps, and other irritation.

Now that you know what to expect, be sure to schedule your Brazilian bikini wax appointment at the facial and wax bar